Project Backpack:
A Relief Effort for Children of Katrina

Drop off location is open:
Tuesday/Wednesday 9/6/2005 and 9/7/2005 from 7am - 5pm at:

Walt Whitman High School
 - in front of auditorium -
7100 Whitter Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817,+bethesda,+md
5 minutes from  I-495 Capital 'Beltway' in Bethesda, MD off River Road.


Houston, TX Delivery Location Organization


Dear DC area Moms/Dads:

We are launching an effort to send 1,000 backpacks
 from DC children to Children of Katrina at the Astrodome and elsewhere
 - within a week.

We want to help give the kids what they left behind.

Our daughters (Jackie, Melissa, Jenna) came up with the idea last night as they were watching TV and reading the newspaper.
We thought it was a good idea and are running with it.

Over 20,000 people left homeless by Katrina will be at the Astrodome for weeks or months. 
Many of them are children ---
 Children who have lost their homes, personal belongings, and any immediate hope for school and education.

Our idea is to send backpacks stuffed full of kid stuff currently at your house for the homeless children. 
Our family will fund trucking to Astrodome if we cannot find a trucking firm to donate.

Already, there are a group of DC Urban Moms (and Dads) working on this.
Lisa Cohen and Erin Reitkopp have been brainstorming today to get this rolling with other moms. 
The principal of Walt Whitman High School has volunteered the school for drop-off and storage.
Some churches/synagogues have shown interest.

If you want to help, please email me
with suggestions and/or volunteer offers.

If you want to donate backpack(s),
please follow instructions below
email me that you have "X" number of backpacks being prepared.

Either way, if you email me there will be a website with more detailed information by this weekend.

Project Backpack

Please do not spend money to buy new items.
Use your cash to donate online to American Red Cross.

Gather used or new items you already have at your home. 
Fill a backpack with things you believe will help children as they live in the Astrodome or are in temporary shelters. 
Examples include school supplies, books, small toys, drawing materials and/or anything that can physically fit into a school backpack.
Items do not have to be new or fancy, but useful to children now homeless. 
Dry snacks that come in individual servings would also be good, like Goldfish crackers or cookies.
 Along with backpacks, you could also prepare a babybag for infants, which could be in a diaper bag,
with items like baby blankets, toys, pacifiers, etc.

We suggest
 your child or you
include a card to a child with a personal note,
and if you want to,
include your contact information. 
The connection and concern from another child may help the homeless children as much as any toy inside.

Label the backpack with a sturdy note
and say whether it is for a boy or girl, and age range.

Drop off location is open
Tuesday/Wednesday 9/6/2005 and 9/7/2005 from 7am - 5pm at:

Walt Whitman High School - in front of auditorium
7100 Whitter Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817

5 minutes from I-495 Capital 'Beltway' in Bethesda off River Road.

We hope your family and friends will join our family in sending something from Washington, DC for the children who are homeless.

Steve and Aileen Kantor

Steve Kantor
Project Backpack