The story of MY Colnago:

In 2001 I was turning 40.
I didn't have cash (or a garage) for a red open-aired Italian sports car,

and I already own a motorcycle,
 so I thought I'd get the next most precious machine
for a Space Shuttle engineer,
the Ferrari of bicycles, Colnago.

Since I wanted Italian Steel to soften the ride for my old bones
I sent a post to the newsgroup asking,

"does anyone have a Colnago for sale?"
I got response back from a wonderful man Bruce G. in Houston.
[Now a dear friend, Bruce is the person responsible for:
Purple Extreme ]
He told me, "... just did the Graphics' Production for
the catalog for the American distributor Trailtir
and they are paying me in Colnago frames because they are short on cash..."
[I love Italian bartering!]
He sends me a link,
"how about this one?"
I say o-si, si, si!
In about two weeks,
a box from the Colnago FACTORY in Italy (via Houston) arrives,
with my name on it!
I took my 54 cm frame and steel fork, Colnago rims, carbon seat post and Colnago stem and saddle to
the BEST bike shop in Washington, DC
the Bicycle Pro Shop
and got it built-up with a Campy Record 10 gruppo replete with Campy Ergo Brain.

Everytime I get on my Colnago,
I realize no matter how hard I push or pull her,
she easily can ALWAYS go way faster than I can handle.

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